Since 15th,Sep,2006, china tariff administration has imposed 13%.

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2 OEM and Distribution service will be offered by HerrsCork Inc.

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Chinese cork Enterpris has been developing from consuming-oriented production to deeply processed production so that for cork business developing well.

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The Natural Choice

SIAN HERRSCORK INC is one of China¡¯s leading suppliers of natural cork used in the construction industry, furniture manufacturing, crafts and ouvenirs making, and for other uses. Sian Herrscork¡¯s reputation for quality of its goods and excellent sales service stems from a commitment to quality improvement and service innovation. Sian Herrscork is part of China¡¯s renown comprehensive trade company Xi'AN HAITU TRADING CO.,LTD. Sian Herrscork has also formed a unique partnership with local cork growers and construction material manufacturers. This vertical integration strategy ensures 'Quality from Forest to Bottle' for our customers and offers unique access to the world's premier cork supplies. Leading the industry in design excellence through a commitment to innovative product development, Sian Herrscork offers a variety of cork products to meet diverse marketplace demands.


The natural wine cork is unsurpassed as a wine closure. Among its many valued properties are its lightness, impermeability to liquids, resistance to wear, rot and temperature extremes and its renowned compressibility.

The secret to cork performance is its unique cell structure, which technology cannot replicate. Cork consists of a honeycomb of tiny cells made from suberin, a complex fatty acid, and filled with an air-like gas. There are on average about 40 million cells per cubic centimetre of cork or around 800 million cells in a single wine cork.

Cork's cell-like structure makes it easy to compress and so less liable to damage from corking machines. Amazingly, the cork is capable of being compressed to about half its width without losing any flexibility and it is the only solid that can be compressed in one dimension without increasing in another dimension.

The cushion-like cork cells also display what is known as elastic memory. When compressed they constantly try to return to their original size, thus maintaining a tight seal. This means the cork exerts a very even pressure against the surface of the bottle neck and can compensate for imperfections in the bottle.

Being elastic, cork is also more tolerant than other materials of changes to temperature and pressure.

In addition to these characteristics, cork's lightness and chemical inertness make it ideally suited as a wine closure. Cork resists moisture and can age for long periods without deteriorating.

Recent research by the University of Bordeaux has confirmed that natural cork allows a tiny amount of oxygen to permeate into the wine bottle after it has been sealed. This tiny amount of oxygen has an important and beneficial impact on the development of the wine in the bottle.